Upcoming Events

THANK YOU to everyone that attended our Mardi Gras and helping us to make it another successful event.  We especially thank everyone that helped in various ways, including Pat and her kitchen crew for the hours of food preparation and work, the food servers, ticket sellers, the basket donations, the raffle and food tables ladies, the band, the entire board of St. Mary's Polish American Society, and of course the T.K. Club for the facility. 

Stay tuned for more great and fun events coming up.

Other events

Keep checking back as we are planning some great events for the future. To receive updates about upcoming events and activities, join our group. Click on the Join button for more information or send an email to smpas@stmarypolish.org and let us know you want to be a part of St. Mary Polish American Society.

Weekly Devotion to Our Lady of Częstochowa

Join us every Friday after Mass at St. Mary Church for devotional prayers to Our Lady of Częstochowa.  As many of you will know, SMPAS held a weekly Novena to our Lady on Sundays outside the church, in hopes that the church will be saved. With her intervention, we are now able to worship in this bueautiful church once again.  Father Gismondi is continuing this devotion, but it will be on Fridays after Mass now.  We invite everyone to join us. 

  • Fridays
  • Following the 6:30 p.m. Mass
  • Inside St. Mary Catholic Church.